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Comprised of “Prosperity Lantern” and “Peace Lantern”, “Prosperity and Peace Pillar Lanterns” is a pair of lanterns whose concept, from platform to shape, is based on the lucky number “8”, a Chinese homonym for fortune. Prints by Macau’s established artists illustrate the city’s diversity and decorate the outer frame of the lantern, enveloping and supporting central contemporary designs from the youth artists. The steady turn of the lanterns brings a new meaning to the time-worn phrase “May prosperity come from all directions in a burst of vibrant colour”.

“Prosperity Lantern” (Purple): The contrast between Ng WaiKin’s scenic depiction of a bustling Macau street and Anny Chung’s abstract floral-themed art is a playful representation of the intersection between the natural and the urban; it also expresses how creativity finds new ways to bloom within Macau’s landscape.


Ng Wai Kin

Ng Wai Kin was born in Macau in 1956, and is currently a member of the Chinese Artists Association, as well as Chairman of Macau Artist Society and Secretary-General of the Macau Art Master Association. Since 1970, Ng Wai Kin has studied under the late famous watercolour artist Kam Cheong Ling, and has been engaged in graphic design for more than 40 years. In 2006, Ng Wai Kin was awarded the Artistic Achievement Award by the Chinese Cultural Exchange Centre of the Ministry of Culture, and in 2020, he was awarded the Medal of Cultural Merit by the Macau SAR government. His work such as posters, stamps, comics, paintings, logos, regional emblems, as well as photography has won competitions in Italy, Japan, Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau. From 1983 to now, Ng Wai Kin has specially designed stamps for the Macao Post and Telecommunications Bureau for over 40 consecutive years, with a total of 55 sets of 245 stamps.

Anny Chung

Anny Chung was born and raised in Macau but studied in Australia. She has engaged in graphic design and illustration for more than 11 years and is now a fulltime graffiti artist, graphic illustrator, sculptor, and toy designer. In 2021, Anny Chung worked with a number of artists to create beautiful graffiti pieces for local hotel rooms.

“Peace Lantern” (Red): Pairing Lio Man Cheong’s watercolour work, highlighting traditional Chinese culture and customs, with Wansi Ieong’s distinctive oil paintings; a tranquil and reflective side of Macau is reflected in this lantern, creating a harmonious balance.


Lio Man Cheong

Born in Zhuhai, Lio Man Cheong grew up in Macau. He is currently a member of the Chinese Artists Association, as well as the Vice President of the Macau Artist Society and Chairman of the Advisory Board of Macau Art Master Association. Lio Man Cheong has been engaged in cinema art advertising for over 20 years and later worked in advertising design. He has also designed many stamps for the Macao Post and Telecommunications Bureau. Having participated in many solo and group exhibitions over the years organised by the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Macau, the Municipal Affairs Bureau, and the Macau Artist Society, Lio Man Cheong is an accomplished artist in his own right.

Wansi Ieong

Wansi Ieong graduated from California State University Long Beach with a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree from Southern Illinois University, specialising in oil painting and sketching. From 2017 to 2020, Wansi Ieong has taught elementary sketching, anatomy sketching, colour theory, and oil painting at Southern Illinois University. She has also participated in multiple joint art and oil painting exhibitions organised by the Macau Cultural Affairs Bureau, various cultural associations, and hotels.

Artist: Prosperity Lantern – Ng Wai Kin x Anny Chung;
Peace Lantern – Lio Man Cheong x Wansi Ieong

Location: Lobby of Grand Lisboa Macau